Good, Bad and Ugly

Tracy’s comment reminded me of the bit I missed out from yesterday’s post, hence the ‘L Plate Mummy’ title.  I got carried away chirruping about the good bits of yesterday and forgot to include the ugly bits.

I made the Kiwi Pasties instead of eating breakfast, partly to save time and partly because I got distracted.  I opened the fridge to get milk for my cereal, instead saw the leftover lamb, thought, Oh if I hack the last of that off the bone now, I can mix it with the sweet potato leftovers and get 2 plastic pots in the dishwasher right now… Oh look, if the filling’s done I might as well make the pastry just now…Oh if I don’t get it in the oven now, it won’t be cooled down by 1100hrs… oh (etc).

So that all took about 20 minutes.  While I was in a pleasant kitchen dither, the minxes got bored and started bugging each other:

Maxi on Midi Minx: “She turned CBeebies off!”

Midi on Maxi Minx: “She Poo-poo Head!  Hur-hur! Poo!  Poo!  Poo-poo!”

Maxi on Mini Minx: “She’s eating my jigsaw!”

Maxi and Midi in unison: “She HIT me!!!!  Oo-oo-oo-OO-OO!”

Mini Minx to no-one in particular: “Yum! Yum! Yum! …Uh?  Wwwwwwwaaaaahhh!”

I know fine that lack of calories and being below the Critical Caffeine Mass makes me grouchy as sin, but Maxi Minx’s 20 minute-long whinge set my blood boiling.  Her whine is set to ‘Grumpy Old Trout Brain Pierce’ shrillness.  I  scolded.  I threatened them with cancelling the outing.  I promised to take their toys away.  When it got to the point where I heard myself roar, “Right!  That’s it!  Any more from you lot and we’ll never do anything nice again.  Ever.  Ever-ever.  No swimming, no ballet, no walks, no painting, no digging, no nursery!”, I kind of got the hint I might have gone a teensy bit too far (!).  Midi looked mutinous, Maxi was sobbing angry tears and Mini was throwing a proper tantrum (at 11 months.  Over a removed half-eaten jigsaw piece.  Nice).

I covered up the immediate tidal wave of Mummy Guilt with a big sigh and a “Oh this is rubbish.  Let’s start all over again <cuddled one>: Good morning, P!  Did you have a lovely sleep?  <hugged the other> Good morning, L!  Did you have happy dreams last night?  Shall we have a lovely day today?”  Luckily for me, both big girls played along, brightened up and played nicely for a whole 10 minutes after that.  In the meantime I made up some little tubs of dried fruit with a treat of a red-foil wrapped chocolate love heart hidden inside for their picnic afternoon snack.  Pure guilt.  I made another one up for their friend to hide the fact it was a ‘remorse’ treat.  Not that they would have known anyway.

There was another meltdown for us all when Maxi trod clods of mud over the carpet right after I took time to explain why she had to stay on the floor because her wellies were filthy and the baby would eat the mud, then Midi refused to put on her wellies and threw one, just missing Mini Minx.  Five neighbours saw me frog-march the eldest 2 minxes to the car and had probably heard their caterwauling and my angry shouts.

Today, though, pre and post-nursery they were good as gold.  It wasn’t my scolding, for sure, it was the after-effects of being run ragged outdoors.  Roll on the weekend!