Striking a Stance Against Anxiety

A lovely friend sent me a link about Power Poses to read and think about and it’s ringing lots of bells with me right now.

Image from Renee Jain’s Boost Your Child’s Confidence in 2 Minutes article on

I know how confident and strong I feel when I’ve held the Warrior pose in yoga for a few minutes. And waaaaay back when I used to regularly speak to large groups, I’d been taught to get my body language right before I opened my gob, and it definitely helped me appear to be, and feel, more confident, calm, open and in control.

I’m going to try this with my most anxious minx, because I’ve observed how much calmer and settled she is after doing gymnastics compared to other sports. Maybe before we leave the house in the morning and not in the playground, though, eh..? 😉

Have you tried Power Posing, or felt its effects in other activities? What do you think?