Day 15

Elsa got her own back for having her head chopped off on Day 14 of Edbie’s visit and other assorted indignities in the way that only Elsa can.

elf on the shelf and elsa from frozen

Elsa, just let it go, girl!

Actually this was the original, but we thought it might give Midi and Maxi ideas of how to torment their sister:



Day 14 – There Can Be Only One

Day 14 was another time when me and The Boss chortled over Edbie the Elf’s antics over a wee nighttime dram, then bottled it and made it less gory for the kids in the morning. Can’t afford the therapist fees.

elf on the shelf in doll massacre

Barbie’s head and Anna’s hand were already severed, ok? No actual doll-violence took place. Ish

Highlander - there can be only one

Highlander – there can be only one

The final version - Anna's winning

The final version – Anna’s winning

Day 9 – 11: the film reference

So did you get it? Here’s some big clues

Joan of Arc's Jazzercise Class

Joan of Arc’s Jazzercise Class

Beethoven in San Diemas

Beethoven in San Diemas

Genghis Khan running amok in San Diemas mall with a spurtle. Honest, it's a spurtle.

Genghis Khan running amok in San Diemas mall with a spurtle. Honest, it’s a spurtle.

Yep, they were all from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Party on, dudes! And be excellent to each other xxx

Day 11: completing the puzzle

Have you guessed the film that inspired days 9 through to 11 of Edbie the Elf’s Christmas 2016 rampage? We had a most excellent time coming up with the links. I think we could happily have made seriously oblique references to this film all month long. We only moved on because The Boss wanted to muck around with balloons. So did you get the film reference? I’ll tell you tomorrow 😛

Elf on the Shelf prank with breakfast cereal

Causing a rampage in the cereal cupboard




The kids are now sure that Edbie the Elf is real because “There’s no way Mummy would have made a mess in the cereal cupboard and wasted food. No way!”

What they didn’t see was their gruff, strict, auld mammy chucking oats and Rice Krispies around with gay abandon the night before, then shutting the door for the first minx making her breakfast to discover the scene. If we’d more bowls, I’d have smashed some up to make it properly carnage-ous.

Day 9: a wee puzzle for you

I’m not going to tell you the film that inspired days 9 through to 11 of Edbie the Elf’s Christmas 2016 rampage. I don’t think you’ll get it from one day, but you never know. If it’s tricky, look at all 3 days together. It’ll be easier if you’re around the same age as me and The Boss and have a similarly juvenile sense of humour. Can you guess it?

Elf on the Shelf prank exercise class with dolls

Jazzercise class. I’m not even going to comment on Jessie’s expression, nor why she’s naked. I’m not even going to go there. Nope. (And it’s got nothing to do with the theme)


Day 8

I promise that no alcohol was involved in Day 8’s elfing around. And I promise that all 3 minxes immediately got the film reference this morning, innocent little loves that they are:

Mini: “Ooooo, Edbie’s been watching Ghostbusters – look at the big backpack!”

(Can’t say that me and The Boss are as wholesome – there was more than a little bit of chortling as we squirted the last of a bottle of green hand-cream at the doll.)

elf on the shelf slimer prank


He slimed me!

He slimed me!