Ahhhh, I wish I had a smell-widget, so you could smell my house right now! It smells of H-O-M-E.

Yeah, I know it’s 2300hrs and I’m chronically sleep-deprived, but I had a huge urge to make a big vat of my bolognaise sauce. I’ve just finished, so am going to leave it bubbling away for another 2 hours on the timer. If the house doesn’t burn down, it should be cool enough to tub up and stick in the freezer, to make 6 – 7 meals of spaghetti bolognaise, chilli, ragout, lasagne and more spag bol.

I can smell garlicky pancetta mixed with oregano. Mmmmmmm!! It’s reminding me of very happy times stirring a cauldron of the stuff while so pregnant I had to turn sideways to reach the pot; I hope the smell wafting all over the house is giving the girls lovely dreams (it sure will me!)  It’s the first dish I was ever allowed to stir, the first one I learned to cook, the first one I dared to adapt, the first one I make in any new flat or house to make it smell like home. It’s not my favourite comfort food (roast chicken dinner with apple crumble after – my last meal request), but it’s definitely my favourite food smell.