Don’t get me wong, there’s lots to enjoy about weaning: your precious one’s little face as they sample all the morsels of home-cooked food you’ve lovingly prepared for them, for example.  I admit I have an entire Facebook photo album logging all of Mini Minx’s facial expressions as she tried each new food.

However, I sure don’t enjoy the mess!

I don’t suffer from OCD or a clean obsession, fortunately.  I do empathise with parents who keep spoon-feeding their kids past their 3rd birthday, to keep the mess manageable.  But my experience is that I produce stubborn, wilful, pig-headed little independents.  So the sooner I let Mini Minx loose with a spoon and fork, the sooner she’ll be neat with them <shudder>

Maxi Minx was happily using a fork as well as a spoon at this age (11.5 months), and my greedy little Midi Minx was so desperate to feed herself that she was starting to attempt to use a knife before her first birthday!  Whereas her sisters adored food in all its guises, Mini quite likes it.  Unlike them, she’ll pause to play with it.  She doesn’t care much if it misses her mouth.  So the mess is…um…well, I’m glad we don’t have carpet… And I use Bad-Ass Washing Detergents.

The photo is from this morning.  (photo deleted) I let her have the bowl and spoon at 0858hrs.  At 0859hrs she successfully manoeuvred the spoon from hand to bowl to mouth and lapped up my delighted applause.  By 0901hrs, though, she’d slung a spoon of porridge down the chair, another behind her ear, tipped the pink bowl under the table, rubbed her feet in the puddle of goo she’s spat out, and splashed some table slop with her hands.  Then on her cheeks to compare sounds.  At 0902hrs I gave up and got the wet flannels.  The furious screams subsided by 0905hrs.

Tonight Messy Minx discovered just how hard you have to throw stew to make the carrots stick to the wall.  I got my own back and let her loose on a proper cup, half-full with water.  Well, the ensuing swimming pool made her and the floor easier to clean!