Day 11: completing the puzzle

Have you guessed the film that inspired days 9 through to 11 of Edbie the Elf’s Christmas 2016 rampage? We had a most excellent time coming up with the links. I think we could happily have made seriously oblique references to this film all month long. We only moved on because The Boss wanted to muck around with balloons. So did you get the film reference? I’ll tell you tomorrow 😛

Elf on the Shelf prank with breakfast cereal

Causing a rampage in the cereal cupboard




The kids are now sure that Edbie the Elf is real because “There’s no way Mummy would have made a mess in the cereal cupboard and wasted food. No way!”

What they didn’t see was their gruff, strict, auld mammy chucking oats and Rice Krispies around with gay abandon the night before, then shutting the door for the first minx making her breakfast to discover the scene. If we’d more bowls, I’d have smashed some up to make it properly carnage-ous.

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