Can I Send Them To School In Their Jammies?

Nooooooo, don't make us go clothes shopping!

Nooooooo, don’t make us go clothes shopping!

A massive box arrived today full of every single pair of school trousers that M&S do that could vaguely be in Maxi and Midi’s sizes. They’re growing like weeds, up and outwards, and have already outgrown most of the uniform bought in August. We fought from 3.45pm till 4.30pm tonight trying all 16 pairs of trousers on. After lots of squeals and yells and yanks and tugs and if-you-don’t-stand-still threats, both found 2 pairs each that vaguely fit.

Not bad, I thought – max out the credit card temporarily till the returns get processed, but save myself a long, arduous journey with 2 grumpy kids to the city, and no guarantee of any trousers in their size anyway. Bonus!

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is freezing cold, so in a desperate fit of organisation I washed and tumbled the trousers straightaway, ready to take up the hems tonight and be worn tomorrow.

Maxi’s favourite pair have shrunk so badly after one wash that she now can’t walk in them.

I’d already taped up the box of returns, so got the ‘fun’ of fighting with botch tape anew to get them in with the other eleventy-thousand returns.

I hate online shopping for trousers for kids that only list waist sizes (which are adjustable anyway) and not hip / bum widths (which aren’t), so you have to guess what size will fit. I hate that different styles have totally different fits even when ostensibly the same age size. I hate clothes that shrink. I hate ‘skin kind’ clothes that are anything but, for both the wearer and the fitter. I hate clothes shopping!

Maybe we should turn nudist and move somewhere much warmer?


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