You Really Know You’re Loved When

May 29: Midi Minx had a bit of a runny botty on Wednesday night and Thursday morning = instant 48hr pass (quarantine) from school. She spent Thursday in a nest on the sofa, blinking at CBBC from behind her new, thicker glasses. I joined her in the waves of nausea and stomach cramps. In fact, I felt so awful that The Boss drove Maxi to Cubs whilst me, Midi and Mini got ready for bed, then lay in the big king size bed, snuggled up in front of Star Wars. All 3 of us were very, um, ‘windy’. Wee Midi gazed up at me with her big hazel eyes one time I apologised for letting one go: “That’s ok, Lovely Mummy. I still love you”. Arrrrgh, what a little sweetie! She certainly knows how to win me over

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