More unpublished draft clearouts: this one’s from 23 January

Last night I went to bed early, feeling a bit meh. Now, the last couple of times I’ve done this I’ve fallen asleep near instantly, only to wake up 3 hours later and be incapable of falling asleep again. End result: more tired than before. So I was a little wary of hitting the sack before midnight.

Sure enough, I woke up after a couple of hours. But it wasn’t the power coming back on or That Blasted Cat or That Damn Dog next door: it was Maxi setting up a siren wail. Turned out the poor child had earache. So after administering paracetamol I took her into mine and The Boss’ bed. Just like when she was a toddler, she instantly claimed that space, making it her own with her squirms and wriggles and flailing limbs. After a bit, she decided she was too hot and wanted to go back to her own bed. That lasted half an hour, before she decided she really wasn’t too big to get Poorly Mummy Cuddles all night, and wriggled back in.

I woke in the morning feeling achy from the cold virus and from my eldest daughter’s thrashing around. My chest and throat were raw and hurt, so it was a morning of whispering and signing; the kids were delighted! Though intriguingly, they all started to whisper as well. Perhaps I’m kidding myself, but I think it was in empathy rather than mimicking me!

At 8.30am Maxi decided that despite being tired, she actually did feel well enough to go to school although her ear was starting to hurt again. Mini had a terribly wet cough and the eczema on her face had flared up something awful, and was unsure about whether she wanted to go to nursery or not. Midi was just Midi: desperate to get to school and cause some carnage! So I decided to walk the short, 2 minute walk to the playground to deliver Midi to school and think about the other pair. In that short time, though, Midi let out a bark, burst into tears and declared her throat raw. Maxi and Mini decided they really, really wanted to go to school.

So yeah, this morning I was that bad mother with the kids in a gaggle in front of the teachers, trying to decide who was staying and who was returning home with me. I felt doubly-bad: on Fridays I help out with art and craft things with the Junior class, so was letting their brilliant teacher down with minimal notice.

What I *should* have done was take all 3 home with me and had a pyjama day (hooray). Instead it was just me and Midi back at home. We went to my bed and watched TV till noon. If I’d felt a little better it would have been fun!

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