Midi The Quizzical

As we were stumbling out the door yesterday in a rush to school, Midi wrinkled her little brow.

“Mummy, can I ask you a question?” she frowned. Oh boy. My minxes don’t half pick their moments. I remember when her big sister asked something similar.

“Sure. Quickly. Mini: get your shoes back on. Maxi: where’s your homework bag? Girls: out, out, out!” I barked.

“Mummy, who’s Rip?” Midi asked.

“Huh?” I said eloquently.

“Rip. You know: Rip. The man who’s got lots of headstones”

Midi the Quizzical Bless. I stopped and laughed and gave her a hug. Maxi butted in and explained what R.I.P. means to her 6 yo sister.

Every day’s a school day, eh?

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