The Bells, 2014

The minxes were indignant at the prospect of missing the huge secret party that all adults enjoy at New Year.

“But if you don’t wake us up for midnight, then we’ll miss the Footsteps!” wailed a very upset Midi.

It took a while, and a lot of tears, yelling, pouts and sniggers (me) before we realised she mean ‘First Footing‘. Bless…

Well, they won’t be doing that either! But like a pair of idiot parents, me and The Boss have agreed to wake them before midnight so they can join us in some (more) party food, a slice of black bun that I baked today, and some fizzy drinks (lemonade for minxes, Prosecco for us auld farts). I guess their 3 months of Highland Dancing lessons are about to come in handy. And yes, I know I’ll regret it tomorrow when we’re all fractious and over-tired, but hey ho, there’s got to be a first time for everything.

I know it’s traditional to look back and forward at this time of year, count your blessings, list your dreams, that kind of thing. And don’t get me wrong, Family Trout has had a lovely 2014, with exciting bits, busy bits, and frantically worrying bits, just like most families. We’re optimistic and hopeful about 2015. But right now I’m mostly thinking about friends who’re dreading 2015 for different, sad reasons. I wish I could take a big chunk of Hope, dunk it in a bowl of Joy and roll it in layer upon layer of Love until it’s indestructible, then gift it to each of those friends. Ah, if only!

Wishing all my readers a New Year that’s stuffed full of lovely, joyful, happy things:
as daftly fun as The Boss blowing bubbles in the snow at midnight, and as hopeful as Midi waiting to hear if Santa had her on his Nice List (he did).

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