Elf Tour 2014: The Calm Before the Storm

This week we’ve been having some gentle fun with the elves, mostly because The Boss has bottled out of using all my suggestions. Spoilsport. Still, I got my own back: after having a bit of a domestic yesterday, he agreed that he was indeed my biatch now, and I made him chew up the cat kibble. I expected him to spray it out, disgusted, but he declared it: “Incredibly crunchy and surprisingly tasty”. I had to remind him to spit, not swallow. Dirty boy!

Tonight I’ve hidden the elves in the glasses cupboard with Barbie pointing at them, holding Edwinn’s hat. I’ll see what storyline the kids make of that in the morning, and do the last 4 days based on it. Cannae wait!

2 thoughts on “Elf Tour 2014: The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Big grin time… I’m already looking forward to next year… I’m with the elves, the closer we get to Christmas the more I want to crawl into a glass and hide… preferably one with a G&T in it… wrapping presents brings out my bah humbug side…

    • I’m glad you’re smiling – you’ve been having a really rough time of it recently. I’m not a huge fan of wrapping, either: it brings out the paranoid idiot in me. (Right, this wrapping has to be perfect. Per.Fect. There… Lovely! Actually, no – now the wrapping is better than the present. Argh, the present’s not right! Now [recipient] will think I’m taking the mickey, wrapping a present like that up the most beautiful wrapping like it’s the crown jewels. Oh I’m such a rubbish [sister, mummy, wife, friend]. DOOM!… etc. in a negative spiral) So my solution is that I rarely wrap. Santa never wraps his presents, anyway, and he’s a dude 😉 I hope that you’re starting to feel better, and that Christmas holds peace, joy and at the very least a handful of big, funny laughs for you. And cake. And some decent gin xxx

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