Edwinn and Edward’s Trout Tour 2014: Nights 2 – 7

For this first week of elf shenanigans, Edwinn and Edward have been remarkably well-behaved. This is a relief because things are manic here as usual, with no time to be clearing up after naughty elves. Next week, though, might become a little more fun… 😉

Like last year, and the year before that, I’m enjoying a whole 24 uninterrupted mornings of the girls leaping out of bed the instant they wake (early!), with big excited smiles on their faces. Magical! I’m also hugely entertained and charmed at the way all 3 minxes catch sight of the elves and immediately discuss and agree a back-story. Example, after the last scenario, they decided that Edwinn wants to run away to join the circus and that Edward is scared of heights; therefore Edwinn must have been trying to persuade her cousin to run away with her. And she’s already checked their heights and worked out a route to the circus (by boat. With knitting needle and playdough sails).

2 thoughts on “Edwinn and Edward’s Trout Tour 2014: Nights 2 – 7

    • LOL! Aw, thank you 🙂 I think when the kids eventually stop believing in Santa and magical elves, it’ll still be our December routine. Except we’ll be able to do things like Killer Zombie Gory Elves, and all 5 of us can take turns to add to the storyline. Aye, something to look forward to…

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