Hello again! It’s been a manic couple of months: I’ve been teaching knitting and crochet at weekends and evenings, designing patterns, testing patterns, and volunteering at the school twice a week (hehehehehee, Minxes: there’s no escape from Big Bad Mummy). And I’ve been shuttling back and forth to the GP with Midi Minx.

I’ve been fretting about Midi’s health for a year or so now, punctuated by the odd visit to the GP, but these past 6 weeks she’s noticeably unwell. At parents evening, her teacher collared me about Midi’s constant abdominal pains, skin colour (grey) and general demeanour. I shared with her the long list of things that taken all together have me worried literally to tears, and she’s pretty concerned, too. I think I’ve exhausted everything I can achieve at the GP’s surgery, short of dyeing my hair to a conventional colour and growing a penis. So The Boss is going to go in with her tomorrow and see if that helps. On the bright side, though, we now know that she’s definitely not allergic to penicillin. Though it didn’t seem to work too well…

Noooooo! Don't chop me up in vain!

Noooooo! Don’t chop me up in vain!

Anyway. This isn’t the place to share a 6 yo’s symptoms – she’d be mortified. I could also fill a page fretting about how I think she’s losing weight (I’d no idea until last month what weight she was, so can only use her now-baggy clothes as evidence of either weight-loss or rubbish laundry skills) and how her once-chubby hands have grown slender and Big Girl-like. Instead, I’ll write another long list of points for the doctor to ignore tomorrow, and share this photo that definitely sums up the Family Trout’s feelings about my cooking: I’ve been experimenting with Japanese-style food. Let’s just say that I’m not a very good cook.


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