Midi Bites Again

On 19th May, the Tooth Fairy finally visited Midi Minx.

She’d been hauling on that tiny wobbly peg for weeks. She twisted and twirled it every minute she remembered. It just wasn’t shifting. She’d asked and double-checked what age

new adult tooth behind baby tooth

Exactly one month ago

Maxi had been when she first lost a tooth (5; Midi is now 6), and how much she’d been paid in shiny gold coins (£1 a time).

Eventually, after a lot of blood, the teeny stump came out. She proudly made a little cushion of fabric in a plastic heart-shaped case, and nestled the tooth on top. It went safely under her pillow while The Boss outdid himself this time, Brasso-ing that coin.

When Midi came screaming into our room at 6am on 20th, it was the reflected, concentrated sunlight flash off that golden nugget that woke me up, as it burned off my eyelids, not Midi’s demented shrieking about being rich.

It was her new lower left incisor that pushed the tooth out in the first place. It’s grown so much that it’s now the longest / tallest tooth in Midi’s mouth (all the rest having been ground to flat little stumps). Midi can now bite again. Her sisters are quaking…

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