Name Your Kids Carefully

When we named the minxes, we diligently thought through everything: did their initials spell out something silly? If they hated their first names, did they have popular and ‘classic’ alternatives in their middle names? Did their names sound ok when shouted loudly in the street?

I thought we had it covered. I really did. Till these 2 incidents:

1. Stood in a garden centre, yelling for Mini, who’d disappeared. People look at you really strangely when you’re shouting, “Rose! Rose!” right in front of the rose bush selections.

2. Watching Mini disappear into the distance at a rate of knots in the supermarket. People gasp and snigger when you shout, “Wait, Rose!” in the middle of Tesco.

3 thoughts on “Name Your Kids Carefully

    • Hehehehee!!

      I need to remember to shout “Hold on, Rose!” when shopping too, instead of embarrassing myself on Every.Single.Shopping.Trip. Either that, or invest in a bungee cord to tie the little runaway to me πŸ™‚

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