Butterfly Spotting

Grumpy ButterflyMini Minx came barrelling out of nursery this afternoon, warbling a song about butterflies. I complimented her on the painted colours; I noticed the purple antennae; I praised her on her singing. She wanted to take it with us to show people while I attended to some bits and bobs in town (I was summonsed to get my fat arse to the pharmacist pronto for yet more iron tablets. Great…).

“Oooo, that’s a lovely butterfly!” cooed the lady in the uniform shop.

“Yep. Ver’ pretty”, agreed a modest Mini.

“And it’s frowning!” noticed the uniform woman.

“No!” scoffed Mini in a sing-song, “It’s not frown-in’!! It’s grumpy”, she explained.

“Oh? Why is your butterfly grumpy?” asked the woman.

“Cos it’s a Mummy Butterfly!” sniggered my witty 3 year old.

Butterfly MinxThe woman smirked at me. My flabber was ghasted.

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