Friday Nights Chez Trout

The Friday before last The Boss passed his probationary period in his new job. Phew! We didn’t think there was any danger that he wouldn’t, but it’s a relief that he’s had that ‘tick’ and he seems to be doing very well. He likes the job and the people very much, which probably accounts for why he’s standing more upright, is no longer quiet and withdrawn, and is generally more outgoing, assertive and happy. It makes such a difference when you’re treated like a capable adult in work, don’t you think…?

So what do 2 nerdy geeks do to celebrate, then? Do you really want to know? Well, The Boss brought home a bottle of Prosecco and some bars of good chocolate. We stayed up late in bed, drinking, troughing, talking about Dr Who plotlines and telling dirty jokes about Daleks. Bet you feel very normal now…

Last Friday night we stayed up late doing something similar: watching the latest Lovefilm DVD (Flight with Denzel Washington). It was on quiet; we had subtitles on. It was too much for Midi, though: she marched into her bedroom and waggled her finger at us.

“Turn it down, guys”, she warned, “I’m not very happy about the noise!”

Since when did our 5 year old address her parents as ‘you guys’?!

Oi, Furballs: gerrrrrrrraway!

Oi, Furballs: gerrrrrrrraway!

She didn’t have a great night: both Killer and Foster Cats wanted to cuddle up with her in bed. She was having none of it. After getting tired of pushing them off, she took to barking and yipping like a dog for 20 long minutes. Close to midnight. Then she carefully left her toy tiger outside her bedroom door as guard. The cats legged it back to their own room pretty quickly. I’m not sure what worked: the toy, the maniacal barking or Midi’s sleep-deprived eyes rolling in different directions.

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