Today’s Minxisms

Today I spotted one of my minxes (guess which one…?) running along the kitchen floor, falling to her knees in a slide and waggling her fingers above her head as she screamed “Ker-chow!” When she repeated this for the 5th time, I eloquently asked, “Uh?”  “I’m being Lightning McQueen!” she grinned. Um, of course you are. Silly me. Cars… knees… fingers… Oh, I give up. I’m out of touch already.

This morning, in a ruse to confuse me into not turfing her out of bed, Mini Minx stroked my hair and repeatedly chanted, “Red. Red. Red. Mummy red hair. Niiiiiiice”, and a sudden, “Don’t wipe your red off; it niiiiiiiice”.

Maxi, meanwhile, decided to suddenly become a responsible little girl. Without being told, she realised that it would be a busy morning for us: we’d need to argue over suitable clothes to wear for her art class, and also bicker over what she’d wear to a party afterwards. With a 5 minute turnaround in between the 2 activities, time was tight. She woke up, and immediately took it on herself to haul 2 suitable outfits out, and get dressed in the first. I’d have been more impressed if she hadn’t woken me up at the crack of sparrows to tell me all about it…

Buddy Christ

Buddy Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maxi also had an almighty strop at bedtime. For some reason she chose a book with stories about Jesus to take home from the library. We’re a secular household whose Christian instruction pretty much extends to teaching them that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus who was “a very, very, very kind and nice man who lived a long time ago”. And left it at that. Well, would you explain the Easter story to 3 little girls who get nightmares after watching Disney DVDs?! Actually, that might be why she wanted to read the book… Anyway, The Boss (parent in charge of bedtime stories) reported that it was an exceptionally dry, po-faced offering from The Bible Society, and that it had been hard-going. Especially when Maxi had accused him of “missing out all the funny bits”. To my knowledge, she has never even *heard* of The Life of Brian, so I didn’t understand her anger at the story of Jesus not being comedy-gold either…

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