Midi The Hungry Caterpillar

Monday 24 Sep

Still heart-wrenching to see my hungry little caterpillar skip off to hospital with her Daddy, like it’s a day out

…a day I’d been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure: Midi Minx’s 2nd attempt at getting grommets.  (Remember last time?  She went in for grommets but instead got adenoids out).  I’d gotten myself into a right tizz, convinced that the operation we’d been waiting on for 7 months would be delayed yet again because perhaps Midi would catch a cold, or the surgeon would refuse, or she would be bumped off the list, or we’d be late to the hospital, or… or… a million equally unlikely things.

I think I got so uptight because the last week I could really see how Midi’s dodgy hearing was affecting her.  The little P1s are learning phonics.  Now, I know Maxi was nearly a whole year older than Midi at this same stage in her schooling, so I shouldn’t compare.  But Midi can’t seem to ‘get’ any phonic in a word other than the first one.  She confuses final phonics and can’t seem to differentiate between ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘g’.  I’ve been making her look at my lips and really over-exaggerating the sounds when we do her homework.  And I’ve been trying really hard not to get exasperated with her when she can’t do it, because I’m not convinced that it’s her being a bit lazy or tired.  I do think her poor hearing is affecting her more than before, now.

About to go and be fixed. Hopefully.

So!  Monday was a big day.  Again Midi chose for her Daddy to come with her the whole time with me shuttling everyone else around to and from school and home.  I got back to the hospital around 9.30hrs with Mini, Maxi safely at school, to find Midi already changed into a hospital gown: she was 2nd on the list and was going down to theatre in a few minutes!  Blimey… not like last time when we didn’t know if she would be seen or not till after 2pm.

The porter who came to take her down was the lovely man who wheeled me down to theatre to have Mini, over 2 years ago.  It’s not that I have an amazing memory: I knew him from my/our previous jobs!  From departmental heads to a stay-at-home mum and hospital porter.  And I think we both look younger and happier nowadays, but there you go.

At 11 o’clock, she drank some juice and a smoothie, but she was *still* hungry…

After half an hour, Midi was wheeled back to the ward.  Obviously she was a little groggy at first, but I guess she hadn’t been given any morphine because she didn’t scratch her nose once.  She wanted a little Mummy-Cuddle while The Boss took Mini down to the cafe for something to eat and drink, but apart from that it

At 11.30, she ate a round of toast, butter, jam and more juice. But she was *still* hungry…

was business as usual – she raced around the ward with her friend’s little sister, who was coincidentally in the bed opposite to get tonsils and adenoids out.

Did my Hungry Little Caterpillar eat the hospital kitchen out of food again?  Well, she gave it a good go:

At 12 o’clock, she ate a round of sandwiches and a Tunnock’s teacake, but she was *still* hungry…

juice, smoothie, toast with butter and jam, then sandwiches, a Tunnocks teacake, more juice, milk and a full lunch.  They let her out mid afternoon, saying that she could go back to school the next day if she wanted to.  Against my better judgement, and swayed by her

That night, Foster Cat and Mini Minx kept watchful eyes on Midi

pleadings, I agreed to.  Obviously Foster Cat and Mini felt the need to keep a closer eye on Midi than usual that night.

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