Maxi’s New Hero

Sat 22 Sep

Me and Maxi Minx had a girls day out.  Did we go shopping?  (Dear God, no – do you know me at all?!)  Did we go out eating?  (Sadly no – too skint).  Did we go somewhere to have a heart-to-heart chat?  (No – though if we’d wanted to in the car, we’d have been drowned out by Maxi’s choice of loud ‘Girl Music’)  No… we went out to a nearby library to catch a talk by Maxi’s 2nd-favourite author, Debi Gliori.

By the end of the hour, though, I think Debi had become her favourite, over Mairi Hedderwick.  It was a mix of her being an author/illustrator (for 2 years now Maxi has insisted that she will be one when she grows up, ‘or maybe before that’; I believe her!), her wit, humour and warmth.  She absolutely captivated me, from the minute she started talking and made us all laugh until we walked out the door, newly-signed book safely clutched.  Maxi gazed at Debi’s artwork with eyes like dinner plates, and laughed like a drain.

When we went up afterwards to have Maxi’s book signed, my talkative little girl was struck dumb, so I told Debi about Maxi’s ambition.  The Great Lady was charming and lovely to Maxi, and little Maxi spoke of nothing else for the rest of the weekend.

I dropped by Tesco for milk afterwards and coincidentally found a bowl with Midi’s name on it (half price? Don’t mind if I do) and a daft wee toy for Mini, so they didn’t feel left out.  But Maxi knew that today was all about her.  It was such a treat to be able to spend a whole afternoon with her and no other distractions.  She’s growing up to be a funny, smart, thoughtful, heart-ful little girl

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