Midi The Stunt Weevil

Sun 2 Sep 2012


At 1413hrs today, Midi learned to ride a bike without stabilisers.  At 1418hrs she started doing stunts.  And shouting, “Yeehar!” as she weaved in and out and pedalled up and down pretty substantial ramps like she’d been cycling for months, rather than minutes.  Under all this blue, my hair must be very grey…

How do I know the precise timings? Ah, that’ll be thanks to the videos I took (which alas I’m not going to share on here.  You wouldn’t understand them, anyway: all you can hear is me laughing maniacally).  And

“Mini: Stupid balance bike – I hate you!”

what was the prompt that finally got her on 2 wheels?  Was it to keep up with her elder sister?  To impress her younger sister?  No… it was to show off to the big boys on the BMX stunt ramps.  Oh hell, we’re going to have trouble with this one…

Oh my word, I just checked posts, and it appears that I completely neglected to add a post from when Midi first went on 2 wheels with no stabilisers!!  Probably because I put it in the Little Trekkers blog; I tend not to repeat them all that much between there and here.  OK, here we go:

On or about 3 June 2012, we took the girls to the school playground with the bikes.  We dressed them in their down jackets partly against the cold, and partly against injury.  After the speed Midi had zoomed around forest tracks on her stabilisers in Roseisle,

Short-lived success

we honestly thought she’d be up for going on 2 wheels.  And she did it!  And was doing great!  Until she noticed how well she was doing, frowned, got off her bike, put it on the ground carefully, lay face down on the playground and refused to get back up.  For the next 3 months she refused to get on her bike at all.  Till today.

No, they’re not being defiant for a change – they fell off the tyre swing a half-second prior to the photo being taken

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