Cawdor Castle Minxiness

“Muuuuuum! Mini farted!”

3 August 2012

A year ago I took the minxes on a picnic at Cawdor Castle. This was back when I still had my stay-at-home-mum L plates up and going out with them on my own was a Huge Deal. This time all 5 of us went and we walked round the little 2 mile blue route rather than fighting along the tiny 3/4 mile red route with a double buggy (!)

rose rebellion pre-school carrier cosmic flower

The Boss and Midi hiding behind ‘cosmic flower’

Predictably Mini fell asleep in a sling on my back and Midi refused to walk further than a mile. Luckily wily old me brought along a pre-school carrier that she fit into. She loved it, but neither me nor The Boss could get on with the shoulder straps, so despite being as-new, it’s been sold.

“Here’s a lovely example of the ox-eye daisy, or Leucanthemum vulgare…Oi, are you listening at the back?!”

The minxes had a bit of fun posing amongst flowers, pretending that they were really well-behaved. The truth will out, though: the evidence is in the video links below…


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