Hopeman Gala

21 July 2012

Out of the blue, we finally had a lovely sunny day, so we took the minxes to Hopeman Gala.

tiger face paint

Pink Tiger

They had lots of fun eating ice-cream, donuts, squash and cakes, getting their faces painted, and playing on the bouncy assault course and spinning tea-cups. You’d think little spin-ny seats big enough for 2 kids would be quite a gentle ride. Well, it is if you’re 3 ft tall. If you’re 5ft 6 and a fully-grown adult, it’s a bit intense. Or maybe I’m just being charitable – the only adult on the ride went very green and held her hand tightly to her mouth from about the 3rd rotation. Minxes, you’re on your own, if she let’s loose – me and your Daddy are stepping slowly away…

No really, Mummy doesn’t like donuts… Oh go on, then.

After the gala (Highland dancing, belly dancing, Tae Kwon Do displays to the inevitable soundtrack of “Everybody Was Kung-Foo Fighting”, Pipes Band and raffle) and sudden downpour that we managed to duck under the face-painting gazebo, the minxes set off to play on the swings.

No greater love has a Daddy for his minxes than to wreck his trousers and dignity so they can play

The Boss kindly slid down first to dry and clean the chute suitably for his little princesses.

We finished the day with a Chinese Takeaway: egg fried rice and sweet & sour chicken balls. Badly wrong, but so, so tasty!


fire rainbow

Who knew Elton John liked being worn?

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