Mini Minxisms

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a bit absent. Usual excuses: busy with keeping the minxes amused over the all-too-short summer holidays, trying to run a little business, knitting up presents for a few expectant mums, writing for Little Trekkers, and going off on a few camping trips. And finishing painting the house, eBaying as much clutter as humanly possible (I’ll stop when the postmaster yelps at all my parcels – 31 in one day last week), blah, blah, blah. So I’m a bit behind… I’ll try and post 2-3 posts a day till I catch up.

Anyway, before I get cracking with all the news, I though I’d reflect on a few Mini Minx-isms of the last few weeks. The one that sticks in my mind and makes me feel most guilty is when I caught her battering the laptop keyboard as hard and as fast as her little fingers and fists would go: “Mummeeee! I shopping! I working!”. From the mouths of babes and all that.

I have a note jotted beside an old shopping list that on Saturday 7th July she stopped calling me Mama and started calling me Mummy. I probably logged the date because it made my heart-strings twang sadly. As she says herself, “I a big girl!”

Yesterday we arrived home from a 5 day camping trip, quickly unloaded the car, gulped down some bolognaise from the freezer, and raced off to the beach to enjoy the very last of the The Boss’s holiday from work. We never got as far as the beach, though, because the girls wanted to run around the playground amongst the swarming flying ants (ew! I know they’ll do no harm, but the sight of 15-20 crawling over my baby’s arms, face and hair makes me want to barf). Mini likes to zoom up the steps of the Pirate Ship and yell, “Drive-drive!” as she pretends to steer a course somewhere. I asked her where she was going. “Tesco!” Oh right. What are you going to do there? “I buy milk!” she beamed, signing milk. “An’ eggs! An’ seaweed!” Eh? Seaweed? “Yasssss,” she insisted, “I eat it all up. Yum-yum in my tum-tum”. Riiiiiiight…


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