Rainy Day Grumps

It’s Week 2 of the Summer School Holidays. The minxes have been testing me today on some of the toughest things mummies have to deal with: questions about death and rainy days.

This is the north of Scotland, so of course it’s raining in July. One look at the 30 year average shows it’s a very rainy month; always has been. So why are we all so surprised when it chucks it down?! The minxes got up, dressed themselves as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and settled down for a day in front of the telly. Er, I don’t think so! Not in this household, you won’t!

I talked about the rain with them. How it’s formed. Why it’s good. We talked about how you can tell how much it’s rained. I got them to think of ways to measure how much it’s rained. We legged it outside with a suitable container, then spent half an hour decorating a wooden measuring spoon to make a dipstick. With wool hair. (Of course – wool! Hasn’t yours?!) They got bored. So I got a bowl of milk, some washing up liquid, food colours, and chopsticks to drop the dye in. I *meant* to make rainbows, and got the minxes suitably excited. The reality was very dull: the colours sank to the bottom and barely mixed. So I tried to make fog: boiling water in a big tall pot for a few mins, pour it out but leave an inch of it at the bottom. Hold in an ice pack. Watch the ‘fog’ vapour rise. I was impressed, but the minxes must have been expecting flashes of lightning or multicoloured lasers, because they weren’t at all impressed. <sigh> OK, let’s make rain and talk about how and why water changes to water vapour and back to liquid form again! I poured a bit of hot water in a glass and put a saucer on top. We checked out the vapour. I put ice-cubes on the plate. It started raining down the edges of the glass. The minxes slunk off, disappointed because there wasn’t a torrent of rain from the ceiling. I think I need to work on my warm-up…

We went out to the garden to splash in puddles and check out the new flowers that they planted*. They moaned about getting wet and the flowers not being in full bloom.

*OK, I say ‘planted’: I really mean ‘opened the packet and dumped the seeds in a big mound’.

We went to the library. They zoomed around like unleashed tigers. I was mortified. So we swiped 7 books and came home.

I gave up and labelled Tuesday 10th July ‘One Of Those Days’ and let them get on with watching CBeebies in peace. Hmph!

PS If you’re wondering why they’re in Princess Fancy Dress, it was a little experiment I tried in getting them to tidy up a little after themselves. They role-played Cinderella and Snow White, and I played the Wicked Stepmother, and tasked them with some chores. It was enough of a success that I may work on this some more…

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