Burgeoning Sense of Humour

This evening a man representing NatCen came to interview us for the Family Resources Survey. Basically it’s for the Department for Work and Pensions and they ask all kinds of questions about your income, benefits, how easy you find it to manage financially, get doctors appointments, that kind of thing. So I spent an hour mostly blushing.

Well, was it the questions, or our youngest daughter that was making me blush?!

Mini Minx has resumed requesting the potty when she feels a poo coming. As she loves getting applause (born performer, that one) she’s quite obsessed about her potty, her nappy and their contents. She also loves a new audience. The combination of her excitement at feeling an imminent poo and a new person in the house was devastating.

“Poo! Poo! In my tum-tum! Bye-bye, in-a potty. Poo! Stink! Yuck! Hehehehehe!!!” she babbled. The nice man looked a little perplexed.

“Potty! My potty! Poo’s coming!” Mini yelled. The man looked from me to The Boss and back again. We smiled vacantly at him.

“Pooooooooo! Yuck, yuck, stink”, she ventured. The man began to perspire slightly. He didn’t know that she was now actually empty and currently wearing a nappy. She also can’t yet get present and past tenses right.

“Poo. Bogeys. Fart. Nappy. Potty. Pee”. Now she was just showing off, so The Boss took her back upstairs to bed.

She kissed me goodnight, waved bye-bye to the man, and as an encore let rip with the loudest, longest, smelliest fart. It scorched my ears *and* nostrils. I’ve been a mummy for 6 years now and it takes a lot to make me flustered. That fart did it. I swear she did it on purpose. Minx!

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