Mini Surprise

Happy Feet! She’s got those Happy Feet!
(especially in her big sister’s shoes…)

Full of surprises, is my youngest baby.

This morning I’d shepherded Maxi and Midi Minxes safely down to school, with Mini in the buggy (she and Midi usually swap places for the hike back up the hill). For some reason Mini was clutching a little toy handbag in the crook of her elbow, like the Queen. Anyway, I stood in the playground and commenced my usual scan, making sure I could see all 3 daughters at least once every 20 seconds. Mini copied my 1000-yard stare for a bit, then reached into her handbag, withdrew a harmonica, and started to blow it. I had to check I was awake: this was about the last thing I expected her to pull out her handbag…

That afternoon I had to drop Midi at a local soft-play area for her nursery school trip, so me and Mini whizzed round the supermarket. She had her favourite butterfly back-pack on, so this time I checked what was inside before she pulled anything else out and caused consternation. So… what *does* a 2 year old take with her in her treasure backpack? Well, a toy pink mobile phone, old leather purse of mine and a little pencil case full of her eldest sister’s favourite bangles. Hmmmmmm, I think I preferred the harmonica!

I hate shopping. Detest it. Would rather clean my minging house than shop for anything. But actually we had a hoot zipping around the aisles. Mini gabbled away and seemed as amused by my “Wheeeeee!”s as I leaned on the trolley-handles, feet in the air as I was by her jokes. I gave her my shopping list. She pretended to wear it like a hat. “Is that your hat, R?” I asked. “No Mama”, she replied, coquettishly, “Shoppin’ list!” and cackled. I had no idea she could say 3 syllables together!

In the car, she’s obviously been listening to her sisters. I loaded her in, parked sunglasses on her freckly nose, loaded the shopping, did the palaver to get the car started (you have to lock the doors, unlock, open the driver door and start it within about 10 milliseconds), put my seat-belt on and checked my mirrors and rear-view. “Han’b’ake!” Mini helpfully yelled. (I’ve gotten Midi and Maxi to remind me constantly to use the manual handbrake as I’m used to driving a car with an automatic handbrake). I could barely drive for laughing.

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