High as a Kite on Calpol

Alas the shades hide her madly whirling eyeballs

Yesterday Mini Minx looked like she was coming down with the virus that’s been plaguing Midi – yellow bogeys, runny eyes, scratchy throat, off her food and generally out of sorts. So of course I fed her a little Calpol. While we waited for it to kick in she cuddled into my tummy and complained, “Mummy, got sore head! Sore head! Ouch!” and cried pitifully. Poor little mite.

After 10 minutes of me and The Boss reassuring her that she’d soon feel better, she quietened down and looked like she was going to fall asleep. She burrowed her little curly head into my collarbone and wiped her snot on my tee-shirt. After a further 10 minutes… well, it was like a zombie suddenly awakening from the dead! She jerked upright and started giggling.

Being parents of 3 and being very well acquainted with Calpol, me and The Boss exchanged knowing looks – ah yes, the 20 minute kick-in. But we weren’t really prepared for the next half hour. Mini bounced on my knee, then her Daddy’s, yelling: “Boing! Boing! Me bounce! Higher!” When she got too excited to express herself in words, she just blew razzberries. Lots of them. Using up all her breath to make the longest, loudest razzberry. Ever. Then she tried blowing razzberries with a rolled up tongue. Giggling maniacally, she started to sing bits of her favourite theme tunes: Grandpa in My Pocket (“Sunny sands! Sunny sands! Sunny sands!” etc), Channel 5 (“Me, me, me, me, me, shake!” [ma-ma-ma-ma-me-me-me-me-moooo-milkshake]) and her favourite nursery rhyme (“Ringa, ringa, ring-ah!” Ring-a-roses)

She chattered and cackled, babbled and bubbled, drooled and bounced. We gave her some water to try to calm her down a little, and wondered why we’d forgotten that Calpol and Calprofen seem to send Mini completely loopy.

I wonder what the colours were like in her dreams last night?!

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