Babywearing Daddy

The Boss will probably kill me for this. Ha! So you’d better not tell him.

This week he’s been off work on leave and I had ‘A Little List’. You know, the massive list of things I really wanted and needed him to attend to, like sort out the car; mow the lawn; decorate the bedroom with the wallpaper and paint lurking, ready, under the bed; that kind of thing. The sort of stuff I am physically able do myself, but actually can’t when I have 3 ankle-biters needing constant attention. Or they’ll eat each other. Or the cats. Did he do any of it? Did he hell… To be fair, most of our plans got sabotaged because of:

  • 3 minxes being unwell on and off all week (bad throats and tummy-aches, not sleeping at night, teething, bed-wetting, needing Mummy Cuddles for nightmares. It all equals about 16 hours sleep total for the entire week, which isn’t exactly conducive to doing anything other than drooling vacantly)
  • a sudden, unexpected hospital appointment (Midi Minx follow-up appointment for hearing; it’s still bad; she’s to get grommets after all; whilst relieved at action being taken, I shall be investigating the grommets-that-never-were last November further…).
  • school meetings (seeing the head; new P1 Parents Induction Meeting*)
  • him doing most of the cooking – yum!

Blah, blah, blah. One big achievement, though, is that with all the walking back and forth to the school, I slyly ‘enabled’ him: I was wittering on about how babywearing daddy father carmin rosecomfy my lovely Didymos Carmin Fish sling was, how flexible and practical it was, how it was worth every single penny, and that Mini Minx loved it. Why not try it for yourself? So he did…

It’s not every man who’s confident enough in his own skin to wear his little girl in a bright pink wrap in public, but I’m very proud to say that The Boss is. Mini snuggled into the back of his neck and had a snooze as he marched up the hill. I don’t know which of the 3 of us enjoyed the experience more!

*I’m delighted at the news that Midi will have the same excellent teachers for her first year that Maxi had this year. Talk in the playground is that Maxi’s teacher next year, whilst newly-appointed, is a much-loved brilliant teacher who was here a few years ago. What a relief!

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