Give The Kid A Bit of Slack

Fri 25 May

It’s Friday already and I’m bewildered where the week’s gone. I’m in a bit of an anxious frenzy about trying to sell my knitting at the Highland Baby Show on 1 and 2 June (please come and say hello if you’re around – seriously!), so as a result I’m getting stressed about trivia. Like having a messy, dirty house. And not getting any sleep. I know it’s pointless getting uptight about either of them because they will be ever-present for a few years yet!

This week all 3 girls have been getting up in the night. And I’ve been going to bed later and later, fretting about unfinished knitted blankets. So maybe the sheer stupifying effect of so little sleep (3-4 hrs a night) made me brightly volunteer to do some pro bono* work for a complete stranger. Well, I was inspired by a friend who did some pro bono work for me – she designed me a beautiful, sleek, concise brochure, using my photos and some very long descriptions and waffle – just so that she can show an alternative side to her current work. So I’m now helping design and structure a very ambitious training course for a complete stranger that she aims to have accredited with the Royal College of Midwives. Oh aye, and I’m on the Parent Council at school, am naive enough to think I can make a difference, and am rapidly fretting about lack of time! I mean, my full-time job of lion-taming 3 little minxes is long and arduous enough for most people…

*pro bono = for the public good without compensation

Mini Minx has received another speech upload. I’d noticed that she’d been speaking more clearly recently, but now she’s happily speaking in 2 and 3 word sentenced (“Give me that”, “That’s mine”, “Midi hurt me!”, “I want it”, “Don’ like it”, etc) but on Thursday she said her longest/most complex sentence yet: “Mummy made my bed”. Awwww! It sure beats her previous Best Effort: “I want that one”

teva tirra sandals

Tirras on minx feet

This past week of sunny weather has found me furiously trying to find our summer clothes. I mean, if you miss one day, then you’ve missed about 1/5th of the whole summer! I find sandals hard to buy for the minxes because I like them to be hard-wearing, sturdy, easy to wash and pretty. Oh, and wide enough for little minx duck-shaped feet. In the past I relied on Teva Psyclones, but now that Maxi’s feet are bigger, I felt that the Tirras were just perfect for her little-girl feet. So: now her feet have grown, Midi is happily wearing Maxi’s cast-off pretty pink Tirras, and I thought it would be a simple job to acquire a pair in a bigger size for Maxi. Nope. Well, only if I wanted to pay over £30, which is too steep. Much internet-wrangling later, I found THE only sub-£30 pair available worldwide for her, in a fetching grape. And I found a pair in my dinky foot size at seriously el-cheapo, in bright lime green. Takes the Mother-Daughter thing to whole new sad lengths… So to compound it, I painted my, Maxi and Midi’s toenails in matching glittery varnish.

BTW, this post isn’t sponsored by Teva (oh, if only!). I just really like the childrens’ sandals.

Oh, and I’m not actually obsessed with shoes and sandals – I just really, really struggle to get any to fit the girls. Example: this week I had 9 pairs of sandals and canvas shoes delivered (local shops don’t stock Midi’s size), but only a single, solitary pair fit her. Thankfully!

I’ve been working on slackening off my Paranoid Mother hold over the girls this week: I let them spend more time very loosely supervised in the garden and have been encouraging Mini to walk up and down the hill on various school runs through the day. Both nearly caused me a heart-attack. The minxes slung around clods of muck and smeared it on their faces from where Foster Cat has decided to dig up seedlings and poo. Thankfully, and unknown to me, The Boss had cleared the ground of cat poo only the night before. Phew! And Mini is absolutely determined to escape my hand and race towards the thundering wheels of the distillery and maltings lorries. The tenacious and wilful little madam has not yet accepted that holding Mummy’s hand by the side of the road is non-negotiable.

Talking of gardens, it’s hard to keep ours tidy and neat when Maxi is so determined to turn weeds into art…

Did I mention that Mini’s little nose is dusted in faint freckles, as well as one of her temples? She’s a beautiful little girl, and this just enhances that cuteness. Especially as she perpetually wrinkles that little nose at me. I guess it’s Minx for “Greeting, Mother”.

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