Outdoor Life Brainwashing Level 2

My and The Boss’s plan to brainwash the minxes into wanting to spend their weekends doing the same activities as we did, pre-kids, has stepped up a level. Hooray!

Yesterday (Saturday) The Boss took Maxi and Midi Minx out for a wee cycle along a local wide flat path while I got on with knitting for an impending craft fair and watched Mini nap. Well, my morning was spent doing a very fun mystery shopping assignment, but I can’t say anything about that. And I felt blinking awful, so needed to act more than usual.

Today the sun shone, even though it was cold still. I also had a lot of work to do on my blanket for the fair. I had 7,000 washloads of laundry to do and the house was a pit. So sensibly we decided to get wrapped up and all get out and have some fun for a few hours, cycling!

Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mega Minx out for a tootle

My old bike hasn’t seen the light of day since I used to ride to and from work, heavily pregnant with Mini. It was declared a Cadillac of a bike by my colleagues, who wizzed past on super-slinky go-faster lovely mountain bikes and racers. I don’t care – I love that bike and its old-fashioned shape, comfy ride and now newly-discovered ability to go down gear so far that I can pedal like hell whilst moving at a snail’s pace. Beside a little girl.

Not that I needed to much today: Maxi is a whizz on 2 wheels now, and Midi’s strong little legs make her faster on a stabiliser bike than I thought humanly possible. But then, that child takes corners on one front wheel and a stabiliser only, leaning out for balance and sling-shot boost. Mini, meanwhile, was safely in a bike seat on the back of my bike. She wasn’t happy about it, but 2 adults into 3 super-excitable kids intent on zooming off in totally different directions and speeds just doesn’t go. Poor Mini! But she soon perked up, sniffing the coconut sun-tan lotion scent of the gorse, pointing at violets, horses, dogs, birds, poking me in the ribs, putting her feet up on my saddle every time I raised my fat bum off it and objecting if I took over her luxury foot-stool.

According to The Boss’ Endomondo we cycled 2.2 miles in an hour. Which included stopping to dust off grazed knees (Maxi), kiss bashed elbows better (Maxi), wave at horses (Maxi), smile at dogs (Midi – she was hungry), and a detour to the beach to count the fishing boats. Not bad for 2 wee girls!

But the person shouting, “Woo-hoo!” the most often and the loudest was me. I didn’t think we’d be heading out cycling as a whole family this soon, and with so little extra gear (windproofs, helmets, water and bananas). I think next weekend we’ll try Midi without stabilisers, and then I think we’ll be going a lot further and faster. Ahhhhh, Peak Cycle Trail: we’ll be back before long, with 3 additions to the family.

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