She’d Like a Rainbow

Mini Minx was enjoying a large breakfast this morning: Shreddies, toast, toast, toast and more toast. (To quote The Boss, paraphrasing a supermarket advert, paraphrasing something else: “Toast monsters: if you butter it, they will come”). The Boss offered her some milk.

“Mik!” she agreed. “Inna cupppp! No lid”

The Boss pulled her usual mug out the cupboard. “No! No!” she yelled, as he started to bring it over. Sigh.

“This one?”


“This one?!”


“Well, this one, then?”

“NOOO! I want pink!”

He offered her every pink beaker, pink mug, pink cup in the cupboard. With 3 little girls, we own quite a few pink things. It took some time… Eventually, he lifted our toddler up, who was sobbing with frustration (“Pink! I want piiiink!”), and asked her to point to the one she wanted.

“Hehehee, THIS one! Pink!” she said, picking up the bright orange beaker.


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