Half-Trout, Half-Mouse

I must be part-mouse because yet another cat followed me home from school this morning. It’s mewling plaintively at me through the window, while Killer Cat and Foster Cat prowl menacingly around. (Though they won’t actually attack – they just keep showing it their bottoms. Cats…)

Anyone got any idea what to do? The cat has walked almost a mile to our house, following me, Midi and Mini Minx as we toddled our way up the hill. We didn’t stroke the cat, look at it, or pay it any attention even though it’s a beautiful, slinky black panther of a cat. But (a) I already have 2 cats, and any more would qualify me to be crazy old cat woman, and (b) I know where s/he lives normally (well, one of 3 houses).

I’ve been ignoring him/her, though it’s been hard. Poor thing! It’s wandering round and round the house, peeping through the windows at us. Should I catch the cat, put in a cat basket, and return it to where it appeared from originally? Should I just ignore and leave it to its own devices? Should I hope it follows us back down the hill on the lunchtime run?

Even though the situation probably will have resolved itself by the time you read this, I’d still appreciate advice, as it seems to be happening to me fairly frequently.

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