Say That Again…?

Midi Minx has uttered the phrase “F*ck*** hell!” 4 times now. I’ve explained calmly and seriously that using that phrase makes me feel sad and that it makes her look really stupid. We agreed that if she said it again that I’d smack her bum; if I said it, she could smack mine. I assumed she’d got it from my potty mouth because it was definitely said with a Scottish accent, but on reflection, that’s just not a phrase I use. I’m more of a muttered “Oh FFS!” kind of woman. So where did she hear it from? Nursery? If so, I wonder what delightful Glaswegian phrases she reciprocated with..?


Yesterday Midi was cutting about, being a mental Midi as usual, chatting away to herself in a few different voices and accents. I laughed and asked, “Midi, are you bonkers?”

“No, Mummy”, she replied, “I’m a genius”.



After happily using the word ‘no’ for 6 months now, Mini has finally learned how to say ‘yes’. She pronounces it “Leh!” (as in ‘yeah’). Her vocabulary has exploded, but she still mostly uses only the first syllable of words. So whereas Maxi might ask if she might please have the butter, Mini will say: “Want butt”. Requests to say it properly result in my little baby demanding “Want butt now”. I despair.

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