2 year old Attention Seeking

We’ve gotten into a solid morning routine, me and my minxes:

  • Up at 7.30 and straight to breakfast (except for me – swill coffee, check weather and go get 3 sets of minx clothes while they bicker about who’s getting which colour of cereal bowl)
  • Get dressed no later than 8.15
  • Teeth, hair and shoes by 8.30
  • Out the door no later than 8.45
  • Wave Maxi Minx into school at 9.00
  • Midi and Mini in front of CBeebies 9.15-9.30 while I clear and clean the kitchen
  • If they’re still ok, leave them for another 15 mins while I have a coffee in front of Facebook (laptop in the same room)
  • Do whatever morning activity we’ve agreed we’ll do together…

Anyway, the kids know that my 15 minutes checking emails, slurping more Wake-Up Juice and checking Facebook is Mummy-Time. 2 year old Mini occasionally toddles over and does a smash and run on the keyboard, chortling away to herself (sidle up giggling, bash as many keys as possible, race off laughing her head off; repeat). Yesterday I was checking out a Rainbow Knits order I’d gotten over Facebook, so was very, very engrossed.

“Poo!” announced Mini.

“OK darling, Mummy with you in a minute”, I distractedly said.

“Poo!” she insisted.

“Right, I heard you. Minute!” said Lazy Mother.

“Poo, Mama!” she said, and dangled her nappy-content-smeared fingers an inch above the keyboard. She hovered them there till I made eye contact with her. Then she chuckled menacingly as I squealed. I *think* I whipped her upstairs before she made contact with anything.

Moral of the story: if your child announces that they’ve pooed, you ignore them at your peril.

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