Monday is the New Tuesday

Mini telephone exchange

Swimming Pool phone exchange: spot the direct line to the Grumpy Old Trout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve blogged lots about struggling with Tuesdays and taking all 3 minxes to swimming.

Did I mention that I had to take Midi Minx out of lessons while she had an op, in November? The one that was supposed to be grommets, but she had her adenoids removed instead, though the consultant still thinks she needed and needs grommets? (grrrr…) Anyway, I’d told the swimming pool staff I needed Midi to miss a single block of swimming lessons while she had her op and recovered. Fine, said the breezy receptionist, I’ll slot her in for 10 weeks time! Lovely.

11 weeks later I phoned to enquire about the silence from the pool staff. And left message after message. A few weeks later an embarrassed girl explained that Midi had been put to the bottom of the 300-strong waiting list. She blamed her colleague, apologised, and promised Midi would have a slot in the subsequent 10 week block. OK, mistakes happen, thanks for sorting it out.

A week before the new block, and a staff member promises to call me about Midi in a few days. Lovely! A fortnight later, I’m back trying to pin one of them down to find out what’s going on.

Swimming Poll Staff Member: “Hello, I got a message to call you back about your little girl and swimming lessons?”
Me: “Yes, please”
Staff: “Yes, I’m calling to let you know that she’s now 84th on the waiting list. OK? Thank you very much, bye”
Me: “Hold on. It’s happened again, then, hasn’t it?”
Staff: “What?”
Me: “I took her out of lessons for a block in October. She was supposed to start again in January. Someone put her at the bottom of the list”
Staff: “??? Please hold” (few minutes) “Ah yes, I was phoning to tell you that she’s now able to start lessons again”
Me, playing along and pretending the previous 5 minutes hadn’t happened either: “Oh that’s great news! Thank you. When?”
Staff: “??? Please hold” (even longer) “Em, can you do the weekend…?”
Me: “No.”
Staff: “Em, of course, she’s missed the first 2 weeks of the block”
Me, still playing: “Yes. That’s ok. I can do any morning, the earlier the better”
Staff: “Please hold!” (few more minutes) “Em, Monday at 1130?”
Me: “Wonderful. Thank you so much for your help! My wee girl will be over the moon!”

And she was. Even though the timing is bloody awful (I have to give her some lunch at 11 – 1120 in the pool cafe, get her ready for 1130, get her out and washed and dried and dressed as speedy as possible from 12 – 1220, let her eat the other half of her lunch in the car on the way home, and in to nursery not too much later than 1230) I’m just happy she’s back in the system. When she discovered her teacher was the born-instructor, charming, talented, kid-magnet that is Kev, she grinned from each ear.

She was the only child in the class, but she spent the half hour chuckling, smiling, swimming her little heart out. He took her in the deep pool and she absolutely loved the individual attention, the fun of swimming, and just moving her strong little body in a way that’s obviously natural for her. I thought she might tire, constantly swimming: not one jot. I thought she might get nervous swimming with just one noodle to keep her afloat (I think the assessment criteria for passing to the next stage is being able to swim with 2 noodles): not a bit.

I think I smiled as broadly as Midi did, just revelling in my little girl’s transparent happiness. She has the time of her 4 year old life. She couldn’t have been happier when Kev told us that as she was the only child signed up for that class that it would be just him and her for the next 5 weeks. It makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes? Why did the class go ahead if no-one had signed up for the first 2 weeks? If the class was available, why hadn’t children on the waiting list been called forward?

We even made nursery on time despite Midi having a full wash, towel, dress, and her long hair blow-dried. And Mini needing an emergency nappy change in the car boot. And having to drive behind a tootling, lane-veering old biddy (bless) that I was too nervous to overtake in case she rammed into the side of us.

So… Mondays are now swimming x 2 days. I might as well go the whole hog and take Mini in with me while Midi’s splashing around. Maybe when I’m not ill!


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