Geographical Rant

Spot the massive error

This came through our letterbox a few days ago. I’m surprised it got delivered. Our postman normally gets the hump with less. Instead it was me who got cross.

Scotland is not, and never has been, part of England. There is a border between the 2 countries. Both are part of the United Kingdom. ‘England’ is not a synonym of the UK.

Both The Boss and I have told the perpetrator before about such incorrectly addressed postcards. Either the person is developing a disease with memory problems as a feature, they’ve done it deliberately to piss me off, or they are just genuinely stupid.

Before you decide which, you should know that the postcard writer used to be a teacher. Now suddenly  I’m actually *hoping* that the person was merely trying to needle me, but I suspect not.

I despair for our youth…

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