Mini Minx

Speaking In Tongues!

Speaking In Tongues! (Photo credit: LisaBPhoto)

I can’t find the blog post when I described Mini Minx practising her assertiveness, aged around 9 months old. She sat in front of the mirror, cocked her head to the side and mouthed, “No”. Then she narrowed her eyes before mouthing, “No!” Then she tried dropping her chin. “No!” She merrily sat there for 5 minutes or so, trying out different ways of saying no. Finally satisfied, she repeated the final verdict a few times, chuckled to herself, hopped up and skipped away.

This morning she did something similar. First she bared her teeth at her reflection. Hmmmm, quite aggressive. Then she bared her teeth with a quite open mouth. OK! Pretty scary. How about a bared teeth with a hiss and a nose-wrinkle? Not bad, not bad… OK, a bared teeth, pretend to bite, hiss and neck jolt forward? Wow, now you’re talking. OK, OK, how about all of the above followed by a Maori tongue poke down? Jeez, so scary I filled my nappy! “Mama, mama, mama! Pooooooo!” she wailed.


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