Better Day

Wednesday 22 Feb

Well, after lying awake most of the night feeling guilty for being such a shouty, intolerant, unfeeling mother, you’d have thought the next day wouldn’t have been a barrel of laughs. Luckily no. I felt so bad for yelling at Midi and Mini Minxes the day before that I was determined to give them some happy times the next day. And as luck would have it, neither child woke bearing a grudge. So I spent most of the day playing dolly tea-party with my little girls, reading stories and having some fun, shock-horror! The sheer volume of giggling from that pair mended my heart.

I spy with my little eye, something ending with 'minx'

It could have been a bit tricky, too, because I had a follow-up appointment at the hospital about my gallstones. In a fit of inspiration, I got the girls to pack a little rucksack with a snack each, a book each, and a little toy. We sat in the waiting room for 35 minutes, reading, chatting and playing a very long game of I Spy (Midi is just graduating from I Spy With My Little Eye, something that is…[colour] to ‘something beginning with… [initial sound] – clever girl!) I could see the other patients understandably looking anxious at being in close quarters with 2 boisterous toddlers on the run-up to lunchtime, but the girls were so well-behaved. I was bursting with pride at how quiet and happy and calm they stayed. So I told them so. Many times! Midi wriggled with delight at being praised for her behaviour. Awwwww!

The appointment itself went fine – within 4 minutes we agreed I wouldn’t have an operation that I felt I didn’t need (hey, I’ve forgotten what the pain was like, having not suffered in a whole year) but could phone his secretary directly to book an appointment to see him if I ever changed my mind. Bonus! So I legged it out of there as quickly as I could, and announced that because the girls had been so quiet and had done exactly as I’d told them, we could have lunch out. Woohoo!

I know it’s not everyone’s idea of a treat-lunch out, but the WRVS cafe at Dr Gray’s hospital is really good, in my opinion. I could get the girls a carton of milk to share with some straws, a big coffee for me, and a good selection of sandwiches that weren’t full of rubbish. And when the packet said ‘simply ham’, it was literally that: brown bread and some ham. Nothing else. Cool! So we happily sat, sharing our goodies 3 ways, chatting over our food. You’d never have thought that we normally resemble a disfunctional, noisy, crabby family from hell. On a euphoric roll, I even bought a little pack of 3 Jaffa cakes so we could have one each. I let Midi choose them, and decide if her little sister had eaten enough lunch to deserve one too (“You’ve been a lovely little minx this lunchtime – here you are, Cheeky Monkey!” is pretty much what Midi said to her sister, verbatim)

Super Brucey Bonus – the girls ate their lunch so quickly we unexpectedly had enough time to nip back to get Midi to nursery in time after all. She was absolutely delighted with this, thankfully!

However, legging it back meant I didn’t have time to get diesel. And we were on fumes. So I had to stop and get some before I picked up The Boss from work. Which meant that I’d either have to feed the minxes their dinner immediately we got home at 3.30pm or they’d have to wait till6pm. Given 2/3 are generally falling asleep in their food at normal tea-time of 5.30, I decided to go for Option 3: Evil McDonalds right after collecting their Daddy. Well, the kids didn’t seem too upset by that and bumped into a much-loved old nursery teacher, too, which just made their day. So on the drive home I had 3 contented, sighing, cheerful little girls, happily giggling with each other and playing I-Spy.

I slept ok that night 🙂

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