Potty-training Looms…

Saturday 25 Feb

Just a quick update before I finish and publish some long-drafted posts (it’ll be confusing, so I’ll put the dates they’re from at the top). Mini Minx used the potty properly twice again tonight. My resolve not to potty train her before the age of 2 is beginning to crumble. I may well compromise and let her cut about in Big Girl Pants from before dinner until bedtime. Then any accidents will be over a moppable floor and highchair. Oh, how I wish our kitchen could be hosed down and squidgee’d clean… And I don’t know whether they make girls’ pants small enough to fit her wee bum.

In other similar baby milestones, while I’m updating about Mini beginning to potty-train herself, she’s slowly self-weaning too. I’ve said loads of times that she’s held on to her night-time breast-feed for over a year, despite weaning herself off the other feeds. Some weeks she doesn’t have any Mummy-milk, other weeks she wants it every night. Last night she wanted a lick of each side, then stomped off upstairs to take herself to bed, satisfied that I was still her milk slave, but obviously not wanting any actual milk. At post lunchtime naptime she regularly asks for “Milk. Inna cup. Inna lid. Hot, hot, hot” whilst signing ‘milk’ and ‘hot’. She’ll drink it in her cot, sometimes while reading a book (Twinkle, Twinkle or What The Animals Say are her new favourites) or waving goodnight to everything out her bedroom window (sea, birdies, flowers, bushes, trees, cats, dogs, etc. etc), then she’ll tuck herself up under her duvet (singing ‘tuck, tuck!’ to herself) and go to sleep. I think she’s starting to do this at night, now, too. Sometimes.


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