The Highway Code

…would giving it as a gift, with specific sections tabbed and highlighted, lose me friends?!

I know a nice couple in the village through our kids’ shared schooling. Apart from them being religious, we’ve got quite a lot in common. Till recently I thought we had a mutual wish to keep all children safe from harm. But sadly not.

Honestly, I really, really am pretty good at roughly assessing the speed of cars. A million years ago being good at that kind of thing was a fairly essential part of my job, so I’m not being big-headed. (Sanctimonious, yes probably). So when I say that the week before last she zoomed past me at over 50mph and still accelerating, in a 30mph zone, it’s safe to say she was breaking the speed limit. The pressure wave from her car damn near sucked Midi and Mini Minxes’ double-buggy into the road. Aye, the road with the speeding articulated lorries… I yelled and signalled her to slow down, same as I do to all speeding drivers (especially the postman – the only reason he still delivers my mail intact is because he thinks I’m a crazy old lady).

I didn’t say anything at the time because I assumed she was going to be executed if she was late for work again. I mean, why else would a mother speed past toddlers bimbling home from the morning school run like some kind of random Brownian Motion? Surely no-one drives carefully when laden with your own offspring and carelessly when free of them? And being active church-goers, I’m sure loving your fellow man extends to that fellow man’s children?

Today he was doing the school run. As it was nativity play day, the parking spaces within a 25m radius of the school were full; drivers had to park a little bit further afield today and walk for an extra 20 seconds. Like in the next street. I guess he must have a serious medical problem, poor thing, that stops him walking – he had to park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the school. I’ve had an absolute belly-full of confrontation this month (I’ve not blogged about it yet – been far too angry), so instead of speaking my mind, I quipped, “Blimey, someone’s risking a big fine parking on the zigzags, with the police snooping around! I wonder who it was?” It seemed to work – the wall-loll changed to a fast nip out the school gates, kids abandoned.

I know I’ve no right to get on my high horse – I’m not the world’s best driver, am a mediocre parent on a good day, and hardly a shining light in my community. But I slow right down near schools, never park where it’s dangerous for other children to cross the road, and generally think ‘Kid, Kid, Kid!’ before I even ‘Think Bike’. It irks me to see other people flout the law, but it makes me spitting-feather-angry when people put *my* precious children at risk.

I wonder what Jesus would think?!

"Keep entrance clear of stationary vehicles, even if picking up or setting down children" This applies to all human drivers, even Special Ones like you!

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