Oh, OK then – mince pies

Right, you didn’t see this here, ok? I’ll add a photo in a week or 2 when no-one’s looking. Here’s how I make mince pies. Nowt fancy, but they’re my favourites this way, and it only makes 12. They’re usually going onto a plate about 30 mins after I decide I quite fancy them. Ready? GO!

Put the oven on to Gas 7 / 210deg C. Pull out your pastry cutters, rolling pin and pie tins.

Put 120g plain flour into a food processor bowl. Add 60g of a mix of cold salted butter and lard. About 50/50 is good. Whizz on high till it’s like breadcrumby dust. Pulse it while you add cold water with a squeezeof lemon juice in it. The consistency’s right when it just starts coming together.

Plop on a floured surface and roll out. Cut 12 big and 12 medium circles. Lay the big circles in a 12-pie pastry tin. Fill with mincemeat. Cover. Slosh with milk from a pastry brush. Stab each with a fork or a knife.

Bake for 20 mins (15 – 30 mins, depends on your oven). Take each pie out onto a wire rack IMMEDIATELY or any dripped mincemeat will solder the pie to the tin permanently.


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