I’m Childishly Grumpy Today

angry wet cat

I’ve had a bad day…don’t push me

Ahhh, don’t mind me, I’m just very grumpy today and will now indulge in a self-centred whine. Brace yourself.

The thing that’s bugging me most is really silly.  Midi Minx is in the nursery (pre-school year) class at Maxi’s primary. Midi gets let out 30 minutes after Maxi. It’s a 20 minute walk from home to the school, so going home and back isn’t an option. Our village has a good but very expensive and not very child-friendly cafe. There is nowhere undercover to go or even to stand (nearby bus-stop is open to the wind). Most days that’s fine – Maxi plays with her friends and I chat to parents in the same situation (about 1/3 of the nursery class). When it rains or it’s cold (it’s always very windy: that’s a given) we have to stand around for 30 minutes waiting. Maxi cries or soaks herself in puddles, Mini cries, and I stand and curse as the crappy skin on my fingers splits in the cold, bit by bit. The school headmaster promised us an empty room to use, but in the last few weeks that’s now being used as a breakout classroom. And I’ll never complain about a classroom actually being used as a classroom! Nice one! I know in the greater scheme of things, having to stand in the cold and wet for 5 days a week for 30-35 minutes with your baby isn’t the end of the world. But it makes me miserable and frustrated that I can’t seem to do anything about it unless I join the legions of parents who like to drive their kids 1/4 mile or less to school and then sit in the car with the engine running, right by the school. The school aren’t happy letting the nursery kids out early and lock the doors till going home time.  Well, guess what – if there’s nowhere to shelter and the end-times won’t change, then in wet weather from now on, I’m picking up Midi early. Better let me and my other 2 minxes in when I ring the bell! Note: I’ve written to the head to find out the rationale behind the finishing time differential. Perhaps if it’s a good, well thought-out, valid reason it will console me as I stand in the snow. I’ll let you know what it is when I do. And another thing – which part of your brain has to be missing to think it’s ok to pick your kid up in your Chelsea Tractor on the yellow zig zag lines outside the school, then race past a long crocodile of children blowing about in the wind, at pushing 60mph? If Maxi had stumbled off the pavement (again) or been blown into the road (again), she’d have been dead. Did you break a nail, dear? Were you racing to your manicurist? If I see you outside the school gates, you’re going to get a mouthful. Better hope I’ve had some sleep first, or I might be vicious enough to make you cry. Can you tell I got soaked through today on the walk down to pick up Maxi? Then had to stand in the howling, gusting-50mph wind, getting chilled to the bone? And that the hydrocortisone and betnovate aren’t even touching my fingers, so I’m in constant pain, even when it itches? Worse, the skin’s broken so I can’t knit. No knitting = no income for me. I’m proud and like to pay for my own biscuits. I’m just having a pants day and am feeling sorry for myself. Ignore me. I’m sure I’ll go away in a bit 🙂

Edited to fix embarrassing spelling mistakes…

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