I’ve Been Uncharacteristically Quiet Because

…I’ve been a tad busy and stressed. My Dad had a stroke last weekend, had carotid artery surgery yesterday and I’m off to see him tomorrow.

In between the hundred million phonecalls (including one very special call to him the night before the op – he sounded just fine, only the odd stutter), I’ve also gone and gotten an infected finger (so had to stop knitting and typing for a bit), had temporary arthritis (! Who knew it even existed?! Never mind that you could get it after a dose of gastroenteritis too many…) and spent a long weekend battering my website a bit. And a whole night ‘thoughtfully’ printing out useful flashcards to send to Dad in case his speech was worse than it actually was. Well, he’d lose the will to live if he couldn’t curse and swear like Father Jack.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve not been blogging because I’ve not been *able* to, not because I’ve not wanted to. The minxes are still being minxes and I fret that I’m not logging all their funnies or milestones but I will when I get back next week.

Wish The Boss well as he handles the girls alone on very little sleep! (They’re driving me to the airport in about 7 hours time, and picking me up v late Sunday night. Oh boy…)

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