Maxi’s Sparkling Day

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Inside The Boss's mind...

I tweet*. Today’s tweet was “This morning Mini stuck a soggy paintbrush in her ear, Midi ate the paint and Maxi exploded the glitter. House will never be the same again.” Pretty much sums up the day, and any attempt at crafting in our house!

* I’m GrumpyAuldTrout, if you’re interested. Say hi and I’ll say hello back :o)

So, after dropping Maxi off at school this morning, I took a very happy Midi and Mini Minx directly to the swings. Everything in the park was soaking wet despite the sun, but luckily I’d come armed with waterproof all-in-ones to keep them reasonably dry. As expected at 9am, the swing park was empty, but my noisy duo didn’t mind. It was lovely to see Midi running around in glee with a huge smile on her face. In more ways than one: I love to see my babies happy, Midi has a very beautiful smile, I love seeing my babies being active, and although very strong, Midi is quite a clumsy child, so it’s wonderful to see her successfully *doing* something (her shins are one long mess of grazes and bruises, poor thing). However, after about 20 minutes, I think both girls were missing their biggest sister: Maxi is bossy and always the instigator of things. She’s also their prime tormentee, so they quickly lost interest. I suggested we go home and paint. They both looked delighted, even though Mini doesn’t know what paint is (I’m a bad mummy – we draw and never paint. Hence my decision to break out the wet stuff).

Midi loved splashing around with the colours and being given a proper glass water jar rather than plastic, and was beside herself at being given her big sister’s nice paintbrushes (shhhhhhh… she’ll never know). She made some very bold stripes on the paper using exactly the shades she wanted (mixing colours at 3: she’s been watching Maxi at work!). I called time out when her tentative licks of the paintbrush turned into determined chomps.

Mini, meanwhile, sat like a baby dictator, screeching and pointing at the colours she wanted until I gave them to her. She scooped out blobs and busily smeared them over the paper. When it got wet enough, she splashed her little hands in it. I decided enough was enough (and 20 mins is plenty long enough for littlies!) and turned my back to get a baby wipe for her hands. In those few seconds, she had stuck a paintbrush in her ear, smeared a gob of red paint all over her hair, looked like an extra in a zombie film and you should have seen her clothes… An early bath wasn’t a popular decision.

Whilst I calmed the Dynamic Duo down with posh grilled burgers in a bun, Maxi was having her first taste of school dinners with her Daddy, her new boyfriend and his Mummy. She had macaroni cheese and reportedly said, “I shouldn’t say this, but it’s even nicer than Mummy’s!” As an encore, she then calmly announced that she and James would be getting married when they grew up. The Boss said he growled a bit; he couldn’t help it. He also said that the 4 year old intended groom had looked very smug. As well he might! At the morning line-up Maxi cried because another little girl stood behind him and wouldn’t let her in. So she’d stood in *front* of James. He’d put his arms round her. The other little girl pouted. I detect a little love triangle starting up here…

After lunch, Maxi dissolved in tears because I couldn’t take her to the park to play with James. I’d gotten Mini down for her nap relatively easy and wasn’t going to wake her for anything. As a bit of recompense, I suggested Maxi do some really nice crafting. “Can I play with my glitter?” she asked tentatively. “Oh, ok, on you go, have fun” (yep, must have had too much sun). Within 10 seconds she’d dropped a big pot of gold glitter all over the floor. I did my best with brush, hoover, mop and kitchen roll on hands and knees, but I’m still finding the bloody stuff all over the house – it’s even sparkling cheekily at me from the bottom of the toilets and the bath.

1 thought on “Maxi’s Sparkling Day

  1. Good for you for painting! We’re still finding glitter from last Christmas – it found it’s way into the tiny crevices of our kitchen tiles. Pretty in the right light but everso slightly annoying too…!

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