Quick Update

Very quick update on what’s being going on the past 24 hrs. Just standard kid-stuff, but y’know, this being a diary, and all, it’s got to be logged.

Well, after hauling my sorry bum out of bed, I spent the rest of the day trying to be normal, running out of energy and collapsing on the sofa. And repeat. Again and again. The benefit of this was that I got to sit down and properly play with Mini Minx before she went to bed instead of tidying and sorting ‘stuff’ while she winds down by herself as I normally do. She started pressing my nose. So on a whim, I asked her: “Where’s your hair?” She sniggered and started rubbing her curls (which are currently the colour of Welsh gold). I squealed and clapped and praised her. “Where’s Mummy’s ears?” She poked a finger in each as she laughed. No way… When did my baby learn all these body parts? It turns out she knows nose, mouth, eyes, ears, chin, hair, fingers, toes, tummy. I laughed and laughed at her industriously brushing her toes from side to side. Clever little sausage.

After watching Torchwood (Russell T Davis really needs to get an assistant with the gumption to tell him when he’s writing nonsense), me and The Boss noticed the sky was clear. Very clear. OK, the moon was full and rising. And being in the very north of Scotland, it wasn’t yet completely dark at 2300hrs. Still, being the eternal optimist I wondered if we’d see any of the Perseid meteor shower. The Boss laughed at me looking, but he stopped when I saw 3 in the space of 30 seconds. We decided to wake Maxi up.

Last year, we let Maxi stay up late to see the Perseids, but they were a complete wash-out: she didn’t see a single one, then wouldn’t go to sleep, was grumpy as hell the next day, and her sleep patterns were wrecked for a week. So we didn’t do it lightly.

She woke fairly easily, and I carried her downstairs. The Boss had made us all cool viewing stations: a cushion each along the edge of the French windows, so we could lie with our heads by the window, staring up at the sky, in the warmth. With the moon hidden on the other side of the house, we saw a fair few meteors over the 15 mins we lay there! We chatted about comets, meteors, meteorites, moons and dust. Maxi saw a big meteor that I saw too, and a huuuuuge one with The Boss when I’d legged it to calm a night-waking Mini. She went to bed happy and talked of nothing else the whole of today.

Today was a tad testing. I’d had plans to get into town and tackle my massive to-do list, but I had a bit of a relapse and ended up staying in all day. Before 0930hrs, Midi had bitten Maxi (and I’d exploded and smacked her and felt sooooooo guilty as she cried “Mum-meeee! Mum-meeee!” miserably. I promised never, ever to smack her again if she promised never, ever to bite anyone. I think she meant it as much as me). Then Mini upturned an entire beaker of water over the table, books and floor. The cat left us a present of 2 dead mice (yes I know that’s the feline equivalent of a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates, but it’s pretty gruesome when you’ve a dodgy tum).

Nice things happened, too: the girls all helped me pull up the now-spent poppies that have been obscuring the vegetable garden. Mini went down for her nap easily (I held her as we said goodnight to everything [fishing boats, seagulls, birds, flowers, trees, grass, dogs, cats, mice, cars…] then I put her in her cot, she rolled over onto her knees and shoulders, I draped a blanket over her and she pulled the edges of it tight round her little arms and tucked them under her chest. She then closed her eyes and promptly fell asleep. Awwwwww). I got my 4 smelly pillows and entire mountain of washing done. But best of all, me and my eldest minxes played at cafes.

Maxi and Midi had broken open their play chest of plastic bling and cackled as they divided it. Midi asked for her earrings to be clipped on (when and from where did she get them?!) so I was alerted to their shenanigans. They got a dolly each and decided to ‘go for a coffee and a chat’. They pulled out the coffee table, put a chair either side of a corner and their babies opposite and chatted about jewellery. I tell you, they don’t get this from me! They caught me laughing so I decided to play along and be the waitress.

I gave them a fold-out book as a menu and gave them the daily specials of the few things we had suitable for afternoon snack. They chose and I brought it all in, with folded up kitchen towel as napkins, and lemonade in a beaker with straws as a special treat (and pom-bears as a super-special treat because Maxi had tidied without me asking). I went back to the kitchen to grab a coffee and Maxi came scuttling in:

“Excuse me, Miss, do you have any baby food for my baby?”

“Em yes, I have pretend baby food”

“I know that!! What kind?”

“Um, carrot, beef hotpot, sweetcorn and yum-yum”

Maxi politely requested beef, warmed up, and could she have a high-chair? and Midi yelled through for some carrot. Right NOW!

We played along for a bit and when I asked for payment, Maxi explained: “Oh, we haven’t any money; can we please pay you in jewellery?”

LOL! I settled for a high-5 each.

I’m going to miss my grown-up Maxi when she starts Primary School on Tuesday. I’d so many plans for this last week at home, but I didn’t anticipate being sick. Never mind, she seems delighted by seeing some meteors and playing cafes with her old mum, which absolutely makes my day.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy the Maxi time whilst you can

    I still feel it weird 2 years in everytime something happens to remind me that my boy has a whole 7 hours of life that I play no part in !

  2. of course like your web-site but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

    • Um. Well, you have to remember that I have 3 minxes hanging off my ankles so I never proof-read before posting. God, then I might *edit* what I’m saying! Also, more often than not, I’m typing one-handed as I breastfeed Mini Minx (eg right now). Tell you what, though, I’ll work on my spelling if you work on your punctuation ;o)

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