Normal Service Shall Be Resumed Shortly

We’re back from a really lovely week’s holiday, visiting relatives and friends. I can’t wait to write it all up, as it was so much fun. But I’ll be a wee while yet – I’ve been ill and bed-bound for 4 days now, and am finally getting better.

I feel most sorry for The Boss – he’s had to take 2 days off work unpaid to look after the minxes as well as me, has to share a room and a bed with smelly old me, shuttle up and down stairs with tasty food morsels and drinks that have mostly been abandoned. Oh, and he had to persuade me mightily to Drink.The.Bloody.Diarolyte.Now.

Still, these past 6 years years I’ve spent some time every 2nd autumn in bed being ill and cared for by him – hyperemesis gravidarum in varying degrees of severity. I guess The Boss is coping quite happily with these few days because we know it’s NOT morning sickness* and that I WILL be better very shortly.

*The very sympathetic (and young! Bloody young!) doc thought it might be a grumbling appendix, gastroenteritis, a urine infection or all 3. I got pills and strict instructions on when to come back. And a heads-up on just how dehydrated I was and what to do to avoid a hospital admission. Eep.

Talking of pregnancy, I think I’ve admitted that I still give baby Mini Minx a breastfeed last thing at night because she likes it, I like it, it suits us as a family, and because I’m not ready to stop breastfeeding my last baby. Well, as I’m on a right combination of antibiotics and anti-emetics just now, I can’t breastfeed (oh aye, and I’m too bloody dehydrated!) Mini’s not been happy about not getting booby at night, and I’m not happy about possibly having to stop in similar sudden circumstances to how I had to stop breastfeeding Maxi. So I got out the old trusty breast pump, planning to pump and discard to keep my very meagre supply going for a few more days. Crikey – what came out looked pretty gruesome. A lot like the pee sample I horrified the poor doc with…

Anyway! Maxi has drawn me a beautiful Get Well Soon card, with flowers representing her, her sisters and the cat (!). It’s also the first picture I’ve ever seen her draw with the sky actually coming down to the horizon, ie the ground and sky meeting. Me and The Boss purposefully haven’t ever taught her to do things like that, we’re just letting her do her own thing artistically. So she noticed this herself. I’m very proud. Inside she wrote me a message all by herself and covered one page in about a thousand different sized kisses. I’ll treasure it forever!

Midi being Midi got busy with a pencil and stabbed holes all over a dark piece of paper, but then the clever wee thing held it up to the light and said, “Look, Mummy – stars!” That’s by my bedside cheering me up, too.

All 3 girls come up regularly for cuddles which is making me feel very loved and treasured and missed, because I know how much they’re also loving having extra time with Daddy. Right now they’re all off on a play-date I organised ages ago and am glad I didn’t have to cancel – I know the girls *and* The Boss will enjoy it (it’s his first playdate).

Right, better get off the computer and wobble to the shower. If I’m well enough to type on the laptop, I’m well enough to get dressed and try to at least clean the bathroom, even if it wipes me out for the day. Onward and cleanly upward!

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