Granny Stripe Blanket Gorgeousness

granny stripe crochet hearts

Close up of the corner with the soft pink hearts

 I’ve been a knitter for 35 years, but last week due to this and this, I felt a deep urge to do a Granny Stripe blanket.

The only thing I’ve ever crocheted to completion before was some little lookalike baby rainbow converse boots, so I had to relearn. I suspect I’m still doing it wrong, but who cares? It’s fun! I’m really enjoying my break from knitting, and I’ve been loving knitting my baby something that she can use.
granny stripe blanket side

Half the blanket - flash on to see some colours better

I just used some double-knitting wool I had knocking around my personal stash (as opposed to Rainbow Knits wool – that’s all held entirely separate), so I was limited to what wools I had, rather than what I thought would look nice together. Anyway, I found myself reminiscing as I added each stripe…
Granny Stripe blanket
The whole blanket – to fit a car seat

From bottom to top, for the record for my girls:

  1. The rich purple (that looks navy here because my camera can’t cope with purple) of the bottom stripe and outer border was part of the very first bright rainbow things (carseat blanket, hat and leggings) that I knitted Mini Minx the week before she was born

The gorgeously soft lilacy-purple (it’s far pinker irl) was the leftovers from a soft beanie I knitted Maxi Minx, when she was 3

The pale blueish turquoise was a really lovely jumper I knitted Midi Minx when she was just 18 months old; it had beads in the hem and lace around the neck and it made her peachy skin glow. The matching jumper I knitted a 3-year-old Maxi was in dark rose pink: the leftovers formed the top pink heart.

I started using the pale green wool before I was a mother, pregnant with my longed-for Maxi.  It was the wool I used to Swiss darn seashell motifs on her first baby blanket – I left 2 squares blank to finish the day after she was born with her name and date of birth. She uses it for her dollies, now.

The (genuinely) bluish purple was a cardi for me that I knitted on my first visit to the Falkland Islands and wore constantly on my second.

The true turquoise 7 stripes up from bottom was a beautiful pramset I knitted Mini: footed trousers with cables and a swing jacket. When she was born a girl (!), I embroidered some pink roses onto one lapel.

The denim-pink was from another cardi I knitted myself – loooooong and reminds me of nav training.

The single brown stripe in the middle is actually a rich chocolate shade. It was a pair of gloves and a beanie I knitted The Boss a few years ago in the most beautiful, soft wool I could find. Leftovers from another beanie I knitted him made the reddish heart motif and the very thin red border.

The blueish-lilac (that also forms the double inner border) was from simple baby booties I knitted each minx.

The pale pink of one heart motif and the stripe 6 from top was a cashmere ‘sea urchin’ beret and booties I knitted Maxi Minx as a 9 month old, and a soft cosy beret I knitted my mum at the same time – the last thing I made for her before she died. 

I enjoyed talking to Maxi and Midi about what I’d made for my family with each stripe’s wool. Mini doesn’t give a monkey’s about the wool’s provenance, she just likes the different textures (cashmere, merino, silk, acrylic, all in varying proportions and mixes), and she already loves to rub the hearts.

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