School’s Out Forever

…well, it is when you’re going to The Big School after the summer holidays.

So Fri 1 July was Maxi and Midi Minx’s last day at their nursery, where they’ve been attending since I went back to work after maternity leave with Midi, so that would be Sep 08.  The nursery did a ‘graduation’ parade, with the kids wearing little paper mortar boards, and being presented with paper ‘certificates’.  It’s easy to be disparaging of the very American idea of ‘graduating’ 4- and 5-year olds, but I guess in some way it was good for them to individually be the centre of attention with a group of adults applauding for a few minutes.  I cried.  Of course I did, watching my babies looking so grown-up!

The girls don’t need to finish nursery now, but neither do they need to keep going.  As I said before, I’m sure, we kept them there 3 days a week because it was what they were used to, they enjoy playing with other kids and up till recently, they loved it.  But as a lot of the sessional, funded-place children stop on the last day of term, it seemed like the perfect time for our wee girls to stop, too.  I’ve no idea how we’re going to fill the next 6 weeks, but I’m glad we’ll be spending them together.

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